What is QP QuickPay?

QP QuickPay (QP) is a secure mobile payment platform that helps you quickly and conveniently find and pay for parking using your mobile phone. You can use QP in any parking location where you see a QP QuickPay sign. The QP QuickPay smartphone app is available as a free download for iPhone and Android, and you can also use the service via voice or text message from any mobile phone.

What are the benefits of using QP QuickPay?

Have you ever circled the neighborhood a zillion times looking for parking? Dug for – and failed to find – change to feed the meter? Got stuck in a long line at a pay station… in the pouring rain…with no umbrella? We’ve been there. And that’s why we invented QP QuickPay. First, QP QuickPay helps you find parking near your destination, and tells you what the rates are before you get there. Once you’ve chosen a spot, QP lets you pay for parking quickly and easily, from the comfort of your car. It’s convenient, secure, and hassle-free! And QP QuickPay users enjoy all sorts of other benefits. Let us describe a few:

How secure is the QP QuickPay service?

Very! We use 256-bit SSL encrypted data transfer security and are PCI DSS compliant to stringently protect your personal data. You will only need to enter your credit card details once when you first set up your account, and your credit card details will not be shown in the application after you have registered. Better yet, you won’t need to hand your credit card to an attendant to pay.

Do I need a smartphone to use QP QuickPay?

No. You can use QP QuickPay with any mobile phone by texting the four-digit parking lot code to or calling the phone number on the sign and then following the instructions. You can manage your account details, view locations, and access receipts and transaction history online.

What phones are you supporting today?

For the smartphone app we support iPhones running iOS version 4.3 and above, and phones running the Android OS version 2.3.3 and above. We also support mobile phone payments using any phone via text message and voice.

If the parking lot has a gate arm or entrance barrier can I still use QP QuickPay?

QP QuickPay can control a gate arm-secured parking facility. This gives you more options on where to park – and looks super cool when you just press a button or scan a QR code with your phone and the barrier goes up. You won’t have to lean out of your car or open your door to reach the ticket spitter, and you can even scan the QR code without rolling down your window.

How much does it cost to use QP QuickPay?

It’s free to download the app and create an account. You’ll pay the same rate as other parkers based on your time in the lot or on the on-street meter. In many cases you will also be charged a small convenience fee – displayed to you before you park – to use the service.

Can I see a record of where and when I have parked and access receipts?

Yes. You can access your parking transaction history and receipts at any time by selecting “Account” within the mobile app or by logging into your account online at www.qpme.com. This makes expense tracking a snap!


Sounds great! How do I get started?

Please follow the instructions based on the type of phone you’re using: Smartphone Users: Get the QP QuickPay app at get.qpme.com or download it from the App Store or Google Play. Launch the QP app and complete the quick and easy one-time registration process. You’ll be asked to enter your credit card information and license plate numbers for any vehicles you want associated with your account. Alternatively, you can create your account online at www.qpme.com. Then open the QP app on your smartphone and start parking! Text Message Users: Text the four-digit parking lot or parking space code to the phone number on the sign and follow the instructions to create your account over the phone. Alternatively, you can create your account online at www.qpme.com, and then pay by text with your mobile phone. Voice Users: Call the phone number on the sign and follow the instructions to create your account over the phone. Alternatively, you can create your account online at www.qpme.com, and then pay by voice with your mobile phone. For help getting started, email us at support@qpme.com anytime, or call us at (647)738-5530 between 9:00am – 5:00pm Eastern Time.


Where can I use QP QuickPay?

You can use QP QuickPay in any parking location where you see a QP QuickPay sign, and at any location displayed on the map in the QP app. QP QuickPay works in all types of parking environments, from on-street metered spaces, to surface parking lots, to valet parking facilities, to special event and airport parking. The QP app can even get you into gated parking garages. The QP QuickPay mobile app uses your phone’s location-based services to let you know where the closest QP-enabled parking lots are. You can zoom in and out of the interactive map to see all QP parking options in any given area. When you’ve identified a parking option near your destination, you can tap the location to see full rate details and address. Once you’ve created your QP account, you can use it to pay for parking anywhere QP is accepted. In addition to viewing locations using the app, you can also see a full list of QP parking locations at www.qpme.com/locations. Check back often – new locations are being added every week!

How do I start or stop a parking session?

Once you’ve created an account with QuickPay you can use your mobile phone to pay for parking anywhere you see a QP QuickPay sign. Parking in On-street Metered or On-Street Pay-by-Space LocationsPark your car in the space of your choice and then use one of these mobile payment options:

You’ll receive a reminder of where you parked and notification when your meter is about to expire. You can add more time through the QP app, by text message, or by calling without needing to returning to your vehicle. How’s that for convenient?! When you’re ready to go, simply drive away. No need to check out – your session will automatically end when the amount of time you paid for runs out. Be aware that many meters have a maximum time limit and QP QuickPay will not allow you to pay for more time than the meter allows. You are subject to the parking rules and regulations that apply to all parkers. Parking at an Off-Street Un-Gated Facility Park your car in the space of your choice and then use one of these mobile payment options:

Remember to tip the valet! We’re working on this feature and soon you’ll be able to include the tip with your parking payment. In the meantime, please pay for parking using QP, and then tip the valet or parking attendant with cash as you would normally. You’ll save time at check out, and they’ll appreciate the tip! Parking at an Off-Street Gated Facility With QP QuickPay, you will be able to open the entrance and exit gates or barriers at QP-enabled gated parking facilities.

The QP QuickPay pay-by- text and -voice options are not available at all gated facilities. If you do not see instructions for these options described on the entrance sign, please take a ticket to enter and park and pay per the facility’s instructions.

Why do I see a QR code on the QP QuickPay sign?

QR (Quick Response) codes are barcode-like images that can be scanned by your smartphone, and it’s one of the ways you can park using QP. Just follow the instructions on the sign – a QR code scanner is built right into the smartphone app.

What is NFC and how do I use it?

Near field communication (NFC) is a relatively new technology that enables your smartphone to communicate with point of sale terminals and facilitates secure payments. QP QuickPay supports this method of payment; however your phone must be equipped with NFC technology and the parking facility must have NFC IDs for each parking space. Check with your provider to see if your phone is NFC-capable.

Do I have to park in designated spaces?

No. Unlike other systems that rely on a limited number of designated spaces (and you’re out of luck if they’re all taken…), you can park in any open space in a QP-enabled parking facility. As a special benefit, some parking providers are offering premium parking spaces exclusively for QP QuickPay users, and are making advance reservations available. Check with your parking provider for details.

I’m in a friend’s car or a rental car. Can I still use QP QuickPay?

Yes! Impress your friends with the speedy and convenient QP app! Open the app and check into the parking space or facility. When the app asks you to select the license plate of the car you’re parking (remember, you added the license plate numbers of your car or cars when you first set up your account), simply select “enter guest license plate,” type in the license plate number of the car you want to park, and park as usual.

How does the parking facility or parking enforcement official know that I’ve paid?

We use cloud-based technology to instantly transfer your payment status to the parking provider’s or city’s management and enforcement systems. Since your license plate is tied to your account, the enforcement official can easily verify that you’ve paid. Additionally, when you leave a parking lot and confirm payment, you will receive a confirmation that you can show to an attendant as proof of payment.

What happens if I’ve paid for parking and still get a parking ticket?

We do not handle ticket violation disputes, but we can confirm that payment was successful as well as assist with any errors that may have occurred. Please verify that the license plate number you entered when you initially set up your account is accurate. If you have multiple license plate numbers set up in your account, verify that you selected the correct one for the car parked. If all of the information on your parking payment was correct, then the best way to dispute the violation is to contact the parking company or municipal enforcement agency directly. They will be able to pull up your parking payment by searching on your license plate number in the system.


Who do I contact to get help using QP QuickPay or to ask questions about my parking charges?

We’re here to help! QuickPay offers 24×7 email support as well as daytime phone support. Simply email support@qpme.com and we’ll respond within the hour, and usually within minutes. Or call us - US: 650-290-QPME (7763) Canada: 1-888-382-9149 between 9:00am – 5:00pm Eastern Time. Outside of these hours please contact us by email.